Colourful and functional badges 

Badges have always been associated with tourism, particularly mountain tourism. However, today their use has been greatly expanded. The most frequent examples of badge use include:

  • wearing the badges with the company logo by employees,

  • establishing trust between customers and the company,

  • promotion of the company logo and product,

  • broad application in the organisation of events, conferences, and fairs,

  • broad application in kindergartens and at camps.

The badges are made of metal and their size is approximately 1.5 - 5 cm. Thanks to the use of a simple butterfly clip, they are easily fastened to all types of clothing, backpacks, or bags. Despite their relatively small size, we guarantee they will bear even the tiniest details.

Special offer: badges packed in Blister!

At special request of the customers, we offer the option of packing the badges in cardboards with information cards in a foil bag.