Souvenir tokens and coins
Original and magnificent souvenirs!

GW SOUVENIRS has produced touristic tokens since 2005, meeting the needs of clients all around the globe. The souvenir coins we offer receive positive opinions from both our partners and collectors, due to these three reasons: carefully copied intricate details, the highest quality workmanship and professional design. Our team of graphic designers will spare no effort to make your token a precious souvenir to be enjoyed for years.

Souvenir coin machines.

GW SOUVENIRS is a producer of souvenir coin vending machines.
Our offer includes vending machines with souvenir coins, tokens or medlions.

These are durable and easy to operate devices, which accept both coins and banknotes, and also telemetry with cashless payment system. Thanks to their innovative and elegant design, the medalion vending machines are elements of decoration and attractions of any location.

Souvenir coins.

Souvenir coins are unusually beautiful and valuable trinkets, which can be a terrific souvenir from travels, a recognisable mark of your company, association or club, or a coveted award.

Made of various materials all of our souvenir coins are top-quality, with careful and accurate detailing!

Souvenir coins gallery.
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