Souvenir coin machines

GW SOUVENIRS is a producer of souvenir coin machines.
Our offer includes vending machines with souvenir coins, tokens or medlions.
Since 2006 we have successfully employed large machines vending 2 patterns of coins. They are best suited for the most-visited tourist attractions, aiming at high sales.

These are durable and easy to operate devices, which accept both coins and banknotes, and also telemetry with cashless payment system.

Thanks to their innovative and elegant design (interesting and backlit front glass, LED display), the medalion vending machines are elements of decoration and attractions of any location. They also draw attention and encourage you to purchase souvenir coins.

New Gw Souvenir
vending machines

In 2018 we started to produce small token machines. They are perfect for low-key locations, with high demand for discretion, such as churches, basilicas, sanctuaries, museums or castles. The new souvenir coin machine requires as little as 0.25 sqm and fits perfectly in limited spaces.

In 2019 we introduced a new token machine in the market. It is perfect for the best locations, with high demand for high quality, modern&good looking machine. The new souvenir coin machine requires 0.4 sqm and looks perfect in every spaces.

We offer a full range of services:

Training in the scope of sale of souvenir coins

Customer support and acquisition

Professional graphic design

Technical service

Replacement parts for vending machine

Telemetry in our souvenir coin machines
the benefits are great!

  • 24h monitoring of each machine.
  • SMS alarm sent to the given telephone:
    machine is switching off
    no medals
  • Possibility of remote issue of the medal (SMS)
  • Full control over the sold medals
    and money in the machine
  • Your personalized, personalized access
  • The possibility of cashless payment

GW Souvenir Coin Machines.
Find us in over 400 places around the world.

If you are interested please contact us for more details!