Souvenir coins.
Unusually beautyfull tinkets.

Souvenir coins are unusually beautiful and valuable trinkets, which can be a terrific souvenir from travels, a recognisable mark of your company, association or club, or a coveted award. 

Furthermore, our souvenir coins are indispensible in the campaigns promoting your venue and its most interesting attractions and mysteries. By reaching a broad group of people, they can serve as an effective form of advertising oriented towards the local community and culture. They are also desired by collectors as numismatic exhibits. 

GW coins specification.

Diameter: 20 – 40mm

Thickness: 2,3 – 3 mm

Weight: 11g

Customisation: 100%

All of our souvenir coins are top-quality with careful and accurate detailing!

We make the coins and tokens from:

  • iron
  • brass
  • alloys
  • 24k gold plated
  • bimetallic

They are struck in a proof finish, which enhances the product’s aesthetics and attractiveness. The border can be serrated or smooth.
We also do other jobs to refine and adorn the medals. For this purpose, we subject them to oxidation or patination to make them look older.

If you are interested please contact us for more details!